Three Things About Tile Reglazing You Should Know

04.1 - things to know about tile reglazing

Because ceramic tiles are water- and scratch-resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for conventional and contemporary bathrooms, they are often used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other interior spaces. But tiles lose their aesthetic appeal after time, and you may consider replacing them. This is a costly operation, so it is best to postpone it. Most of […]

Following These Simple Steps Makes Bath Tile Maintenance Simple

03.1 - how to maintain bathroom tiles

It is no secret that bath tiles are quite popular, particularly compared to the other bathroom flooring options that people have used for years, such as hardwood, linoleum, and plaster. Tiles are perfect since they are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and straightforward to clean. Additionally, planning and installing tiles (even on a DIY basis) has never […]

What is More Affordable: Basic Bathroom Remodeling or Tile Reglazing?

02.1 - tile reglazing or bathroom remodel

Most people see a bathroom redesign as a time-consuming process involving several tradespeople and undoubtedly a substantial chunk of money. Even the most simple bathroom renovation projects are expensive, even though not all works are identical in this regard. Various factors explain this, although they are not the main points of this essay. Instead, we […]

Hire Professionals When You Need Your Tiles Reglazed

01.1 - hire professionls for tile reglazing

Numerous DIY projects may be completed in contemporary houses, but tile reglazing is not one of them. You may be able to install tiles on your own, but repairing tiles to restore their vibrancy is a task best left to specialists. Philadelphia tile refinishing Don’t worry since our trustworthy crew can do tile reglazing quickly […]

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in 6 Easy Steps

06.1 - steps for kitchen cabinet painting

The kitchen is the center of your house, so if you ever want to sell it, this is one room you want to make “wow”-worthy. This doesn’t imply that you should renovate your kitchen entirely; something as simple as painting your kitchen cabinets may dramatically change the room. One of the finest investments you can […]

Reglazing a Bathtub: Pros and Cons

05.1 - pros and cons of bathtub reglazing

An antique tub with chips, cracks, or other small damage may make a bathroom appear drab. Although replacing an outdated bathtub with a new one is an option, reglazing a tub may revitalize a whole bathroom. Here, we’ll discuss reglazing a bathtub and its benefits and drawbacks. By adhering to a few rules, you can […]

Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing

04.1 - tips for successful bathtub reglazing

The majority of people choose tub reglazing over buying a whole new bathtub. Why? Because a professionally done bathtub refinishing job may make a tub seem as good as new. Additionally, using this method, your customers may maintain their bathtub in place without changing the flooring, tiling, fixtures, or anything else that already exists. Instead, […]

What Advantages Are Associated With Reglazing a Bathtub?

03.1 - benefits of bathtub reglazing

You may reconsider purchasing a new bathtub if your old one is worn out and damaged. Refinishing a bathtub is a fantastic choice that offers numerous advantages. The following are some reasons why bathtub reglazing is a superior option: You may use your bathtub for many more years as a result. For the next five […]

Budget-friendly Bathroom Renovation: How Much Does Tub and Tile Reglazing Cost?

02.1 - budget friendly renovation in tile refinishing

We are EK Philadelphia Tub Reglazing, the industry leaders in tile and tub restoration and resurfacing. Our highly qualified experts are committed to revitalizing your outdated and worn-out bathroom fixtures. In addition to chip and crack repair, color changing, and other treatments, we also reglaze, resurface, and refinish tiles and bathtubs. Project pricing is one […]

Is It Really Worth the Money to Reglaze a Bathtub?

01.1 - is it worth the money to reglaze bathtubs

The worn-out, chipped bathtub is something we’ve all seen, and some of us even have one in our bathrooms. It exhibits years of wear and tear and barely passes muster as a functional bathroom fixture. It may be so bad that you are too concerned to even take a soothing bath because of how horrifying […]

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