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Philadelphia Tub Reglazing


Bathtubs are shiny, beautiful, and look best when they’re polished. Unfortunately, they are also fragile and break easily. If you have cracks or other imperfections in your porcelain tub, look no further us! Bathtubs are the centerpiece of the bathroom and they’re also the amenity that requires the most repair, due to the fact they’re in almost constant contact with water.

Our bathtub repair services can range anywhere from fixing chips and cracks to refinishing poorly conducted paint jobs. We can repair all kinds of bathtubs even if they are fiberglass or porcelain material.


There are three main reasons why cracks tend to form in, bathtub materials which are lack of support or if the material is flexible, damage from heavy objects and damage from heavy cleaners. Some material such as fiberglass is highly flexible, meaning it will bend if weight is placed on it. If this sort of material is installed improperly or without additional support, overtime the weight pressure will cause cracks to form. 

Cracks also tend to form when objects are dropped on the bathtub, creating small divots and dents that will eventually spiral out into much larger cracks and crevices over time. Lastly, with highly abrasive cleaners such as bleach, the finish and gloss of the bathtub can easily be eroded, allowing more moisture into the material, causing cracks. So why are cracks dangerous? Well, if ignored, even tiny cracks in your bathtub can eventually become much larger cracks down the road

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This is a type of affordable bathtub restoration that involves buffing down the paint and applying a new coat along with some protectant.


Bathtubs are installed in houses before walls are completed. As a result, when there’s damage at the end of the building process, it’s not always possible to replace the tub.


Do the tiles around your bathroom look so bad that you almost can’t stand to be in there with them? Was the color you chose super nice looking back in the day, but just hasn’t aged well at all?


If you are planning a bathroom makeover but don’t have the money to install new tile countertops, try an economical approach: Resurface your current tiles to give them an entirely fresh appearance.


When your bathroom or kitchen fixtures have become old and stained, replacing them might not be the only option. 

Reglazing and refinishing bathtubs, sinks, and tiles can be more cost-effective and less tiring solution. We provide the following services for homeowners:

Benefits Of Refinishing & Regrouting Your Tile:

Add Value To Your Home With Proper Tile Refinishing

Ultimately, refinishing, reglazing, and regrouting your tile will be an investment, adding value to your home. If you should decide to sell your home, you’ll be able to ask more and attract more potential buyers. 

In the meantime, you’ll be able to enjoy the comforts of a modern, eye-catching bathroom. If you break a tile or crack it by accidents, don’t worry! 

With great expertise, your bathroom will be transformed into the one you’ve been dreaming of! We’ve got a professional team that can morph the bathroom into a brand new one. 

Our services are one of the best in town, and we offer reglazing, refinishing, and regrouting for any and every tile – be it a bathroom or kitchen.