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We have the solution to repair, reglaze, and refinish your surfaces on the spot!

Philadelphia Tub Reglazing

Shower Pan Refinishing Services

In a bathroom, surfaces other than tubs and tiles can be refinished. We can restore your shower’s whole interior, including the floor. With the help of our tub and shower refinishing service, you can keep your current shower enclosure, repair the shower pan floor, and save thousands of dollars by avoiding replacement.

Is the shower’s floor stained, rusted, broken, damaged, or just plain filthy? We’ll bring it back to its previous splendor!


Even the most brutal filth and stains can be removed thanks to our deep cleaning process. Unlike the sanitary products and equipment you currently have at home, our commercial agents and equipment are designed for managing tough dirt. Your shower floor will get a second, thorough cleaning.


Rust and lime buildup could occur on the base of your shower due to contact with waterborne pathogens. These layers are challenging, if not impossible, to remove with typical household products. However, we have the expert equipment to remove it, leaving you with a spotless shower floor.

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This is a type of affordable bathtub restoration that involves buffing down the paint and applying a new coat along with some protectant.


Bathtubs are installed in houses before walls are completed. As a result, when there’s damage at the end of the building process, it’s not always possible to replace the tub.


Do the tiles around your bathroom look so bad that you almost can’t stand to be in there with them? Was the color you chose super nice looking back in the day, but just hasn’t aged well at all?


If you are planning a bathroom makeover but don’t have the money to install new tile countertops, try an economical approach: Resurface your current tiles to give them an entirely fresh appearance.


When your bathroom or kitchen fixtures have become old and stained, replacing them might not be the only option. 

Reglazing and refinishing bathtubs, sinks, and tiles can be more cost-effective and less tiring solution. We provide the following services for homeowners:


Chips and scrapes are no match for our shower resurfacing experts! We’ll fill and smooth out dents and dings to restoring a level surface in readiness for a comprehensive recoating.

The expert reglazing procedure will be the final stage in repairing your shower pan. We apply a commercial finish using spray technology, much like paint. This application is robust and will last for many years. Use our glaze to refinish your shower floor and change the color to a hue that goes well with your most recent bathroom renovation.

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