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Bathroom Reglazing Service

Like many other bathroom fixtures, tub and shower tiles can wear down over time. Scum, mineral buildup, cracks, chips, and stains may lower the value of your bathroom tile, reducing the value of your home. But can the tile in the bathroom be reglazed?

The bathtub and tile reglazing services EK Philadelphia Tub Reglazing offer will make your old ceramic and porcelain tiles look brand new.

We can fix and reglaze all bathroom tiles as part of our renovation process. Even better, we can change the color of your tile to any color you want. If you are sick of seeing the same old bubblegum pink in your bathroom every time, you take a shower, refinishing your tile is a great way to change it up.

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This is a type of affordable bathtub restoration that involves buffing down the paint and applying a new coat along with some protectant.


Bathtubs are installed in houses before walls are completed. As a result, when there’s damage at the end of the building process, it’s not always possible to replace the tub.


Do the tiles around your bathroom look so bad that you almost can’t stand to be in there with them? Was the color you chose super nice looking back in the day, but just hasn’t aged well at all?


If you are planning a bathroom makeover but don’t have the money to install new tile countertops, try an economical approach: Resurface your current tiles to give them an entirely fresh appearance.


When your bathroom or kitchen fixtures have become old and stained, replacing them might not be the only option. 

Reglazing and refinishing bathtubs, sinks, and tiles can be more cost-effective and less tiring solution. We provide the following services for homeowners:

Bathroom Tile Refinishing Services

Tile reglazing is a good idea if you want your tub and shower tiles to look as good as they last. We don’t just paint your tiles’ outside and call it a day. Painting a tile is like putting a bandage on a wound; it doesn’t fix the problem.

Refinishing goes above and beyond by fixing cracked layers, ensuring everything is smooth, and then painting the tiles in the color you want. The refinishing process needs special primers, bonding agents, coatings, finishes, and tools to finish the job. We start by thoroughly cleaning your current tiles, repairing any chips or cracks, and removing any scratches.

When everything is clean, smooth, and fixed, we put a thin coating on the surface to ensure it is even. Then we add a unique glaze in the color you want. We have a variety of shades and tones to choose from, so you can go with a classic white or something that stands out. We are happy to suggest colors and patterns make your bathroom feel better.

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