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Bathtub Refinishing Tips

Every day, people utilize the bathtub, a key bathroom fixture, to either take traditional baths or stand in it while taking showers.  The surface of the tub is exposed to moisture due to frequent use, which over time may result in wear, discoloration, and even mildew growth if not properly cleaned. Bathtub refinishing or reglazing services can restore the surface of the tub when it has gotten severely stained.  In order to either restore the tub’s original color or give it a new look with a new color, these procedures entail removing the tub’s original finish and installing a new bathtub finish.

In order to maintain the new finish on refinished bathtubs, specific cleaning and maintenance methods are required.  You may successfully preserve the new finish of your reglazed bathtub according to these bathtub cleaning suggestions.

Cleaning a refinished bathtub right away after bathtub refinishing

Refinishing your bathtub is an efficient technique to restore its appearance, and it can typically be finished in a single day.  The new finish starts to cure as soon as it is applied, and it could take up to 90 days to finish.  To preserve the finish while the bathtub is curing, you should adhere to the following cleaning and maintenance advice:

  • After the bathtub has been reglazed, don’t use your bathroom for at least 24 hours. The fresh finish can be ruined if the surface is allowed to become wet while the finish is still drying. Dust particles can also get trapped in the finish, creating sharp points on the surface.  Avoiding the bathroom will help keep the refinished bathtub free of unneeded dust.
  • Masking tape is used by bathtub restoration contractors to cover other bathroom surfaces while they work. Once they are done, these experts will leave the tape in place for the client to remove.  This tape shouldn’t be taken off until the first 24 hours have passed, but no later than a week after that.  To avoid removing the new finish with the tape when removing it, be careful.  To avoid damaging the drain shoe seal, use extra caution while removing tape close to the drain.  To get the tape off, you could possibly get a technician to return it.
  • You should routinely use soap and a sponge to clean the restored bathtub while it is healing. This will clean off dust that accumulated on the finish during the drying process and condition the surface.

Maintenance Guidelines for Refinished Bathtubs

Following the 90-day curing period, the following advice will assist you in caring for your freshly refinished bathtub:

  • Two weeks after the new finish has been placed, the surface should be waxed as part of proper reglazed bathtub maintenance. Apply a small layer of car wax after cleaning the bathtub’s surface with a damp cloth.  With a dry cotton towel, the wax should be removed, being cautious not to over-buff.  After the initial waxing, your refurbished bathtub needs to be waxed once every one to three months.
  • To prevent soap residue, regularly clean the surface using body wash or liquid soap that is safe for the material.
  • To avoid erosion and moisture damage, keep the faucet clean and inspect the caulking.
  • Ventilate the bathroom effectively.
  • After using the tub, dry it with a towel, and never leave wet sponges or washcloths lying around.
  • Repair any chips or cracks in the bathtub surface as soon as possible since water will collect in the cracks underneath the tub and cause mold and mildew to spread.

Upkeep of refinished bathtubs Don’ts

  • Avoid contact with any chemicals on the surface of your reglazed bathtub, including perfume, hair dye, and acidic or abrasive cleaners. Use gentle liquid cleaners in their place.
  • Scrubbing pads with abrasives can scratch the surface, so avoid using them.
  • Avoid using suction-cup or rubber bath mats since they may react with hot water and damage the finish.
  • Never leave items on the fresh finish for longer than 24 hours, including shampoo bottles, soap, spray cans, and wet washcloths.
  • Avoid bathing your pet in the just-refinished bathtub.

The best way to restore your bathtub’s original appearance is with bathtub refinishing services, but in order to maintain that new appearance, you must clean and maintain your refinished bathtub.

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