Will Bathtub Reglazing Increase the Value of My Home?

Will Bathtub Reglazing Increase the Value of My Home?

If you’re considering reglazing your bathtub to boost the value of your home, you might be wondering if the investment is reasonable. After all, investing money in any type of home improvement project is inescapable, and you naturally want to know that the money you do spend will result in some form of profit or […]

Tub Reglazing: ¿Realmente puede hacer que mi bañera sea tan buena como nueva?

Philadelphia Tub Reglazing

Las bañeras son una necesidad en la mayoría de los hogares, pero su reemplazo puede ser costoso. Si tiene una bañera que se ve gastada y anticuada, el acristalamiento puede ser la respuesta. Este proceso hará que su bañera luzca como nueva sin romper el banco. ¡Hemos recopilado información sobre la reglamentación de bañeras para […]

Tub Reglazing: Can It Really Make My Bathtub as Good as New

Philadelphia Tub Reglazing

Bathtubs are a necessity in most homes, but they can be costly to replace. If you have a bathtub that is looking worn and dated, reglazing may be the answer. This process will make your bathtub look as good as new without breaking the bank. We’ve compiled some information on tub reglazing for you to […]

Should You Replace Your Bathtub or Reglaze It?

Should You Replace Your Bathtub or Reglaze | Philadelphia Tub Reglazing

The decision to replace or reglaze a bathtub can be tough. In this blog post, we will look at both options and the benefits of each. Replacing your old tub is great if you want a new bathroom that looks modern and state-of-the-art. This option also has the added bonus of increasing your home’s value!  On […]

Demystifying Myths About Tub Refinishing

Tub Refinishing

Owning a bathtub does not come cheap, considering the repair and maintenance cost you have to shell out eventually. This is because over time, bathtub surfaces become scratched, chipped, stained, and worn-out with continued use. And when the surface becomes damaged, its crevices can harbor germs, molds, dirt, and soap scum. Not only does this […]