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Hotel Bathtub Refinishing & Ceramic Tile Surround Refinishing Solutions

We are aware that the hotel sector wishes to guarantee that its buildings keep a spotless appearance for enjoyable lodging. With services that may help you raise rents, EK Philadelphia Tub Reglazing serves the needs of your business buildings. We are aware that every day your room is unavailable, money is lost. We make every effort to prevent this. We recognize that commercial clients in the hospitality industry have unique requirements and worries when starting a project, especially with regard to the amount of time needed and the effect on available space during peak occupancy times.

Are bathroom fixtures that are dingy, worn out, cracked, or chipped harming the reputation of your hotel?

Fortunately, EK Philadelphia Tub Reglazing has the solution.

Give your visitors the lovely, spotless accommodations they’ll adore. Hotel rooms, as we all know, are frequently mistreated. But we don’t need to spend money and time on costly improvements to upgrade them! We’ve finished tens of thousands of refinishing jobs for hotels of all kinds, so we know what matters: affordability, prompt completion, and gorgeous outcomes!

Surface restoration using a patented process developed by EK Philadelphia Tub Reglazing is substantially less expensive than replacement, and we can frequently get your rooms back in use in within 24 hours. All common tub varieties, including those made of cast iron, steel, fiberglass, whirlpools, and claw-foot tubs, are repaired and refinished by our company. Our coatings come with a guarantee against peeling and failed adhesion.

EK Philadelphia Tub Reglazing is prepared to assist, whether you want a fully new appearance or only a few chips fixed.

One of the few objects a hotel visitor will probably use just once a day is the bathtub. In fact, one of the most frequent complaints on hotel review websites is about a slick or unclean tub. This is why choosing the best commercial bathtub and bathroom restoration company the first time is so crucial for a hotel. A hotel could lose tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue due to unprofessional work and longer schedules, in addition to receiving a flood of negative reviews.

With EK Philadelphia Tub Reglazing, you may cut costs. Get a Free Quote Right Now.

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