Wet Room

Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular over the last decade as it offers a safer, cheaper and more effective form of showering. Moreover, having a wet room kind of bathroom can be a great way to add value to your property.

A wet room is a stylish alternative to a traditional bathroom. This kind of bathroom is specially designed to be fully waterproof. Since this is an open-plan walk-in shower area, it is usually lined with tiles from wall to ceiling and subsequently sealed with a waterproof membrane to prevent leaks and damages.

Wet rooms need a sloping floor to help guide the excess water towards the drain. Some wet rooms even use a glass partition in front of the shower to break up the room and prevent excess splashing. After all, no one likes sitting on a wet toilet seat.

What are the Benefits of Having Wet Rooms?

Not only is it a fashionable addition to your house, but wet rooms also offer plenty of advantages such as follows:

So, How Do You Create a Wet Room?

When planning a wet room, it is crucial to consider the following factors: the room’s access to water, power supply, and drainage points. Also, bear in mind that one of the ways to ensure efficient drainage is to get the type of flooring right.

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