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Is It Really Worth the Money to Reglaze a Bathtub?

The worn-out, chipped bathtub is something we’ve all seen, and some of us even have one in our bathrooms. It exhibits years of wear and tear and barely passes muster as a functional bathroom fixture. It may be so bad that you are too concerned to even take a soothing bath because of how horrifying all the pockmarks and rust stains are. At that time, you undoubtedly start to think about what you can do to retain your trusty old bathtub.

Although you’ve heard of reglazing, you need to find out whether the cost is necessary. In the end, will the expense of reglazing be justified? Does it have a lengthy lifespan? Is a new tub necessary?

What is Bathtub Reglazing?

It’s important first to understand what reglazing is and what it may be able to do for your tired, old friend. Sanding or chemically treating your tub to remove the original coating is the procedure of reglazing. Your tub is meticulously cleaned to remove debris before a fresh priming layer is applied. Multiple coats of a top coat with exceptional durability are used to restore its original, brand-new look. You now own a brand-new tub that has just been installed at a home improvement store, and no one can tell.

Let’s now discuss the cost. You undoubtedly think doing such a fantastic act would save you a few thousand dollars. It’s untrue! It is exactly how much a new bathtub would cost. An average bathtub costs $300 to $600 to be reglazed. Not bad. Additionally, you save all the dirt and dust associated with removing and replacing your old tub. What can be done with the old one, too? I wish you success in that!

You also spend less money on a plumber to do the new installation. However, what you do for the environment may be significant. Each year, reglazing prevents millions of old bathtubs from ending up in landfills. In anticipation, Mother Earth appreciates you!

Many individuals are concerned about the robustness of a reglazed bathtub, but they shouldn’t be. You may anticipate getting another 5 to 10 years out of your renovated bathtub with basic maintenance, such as washing it with a light cleanser and a soft cloth. On the other hand, a new bathtub will cost nearly twice as much and last for 10-15 years.

So go ahead, take the risk, and get your gloomy, outdated bathtub revived. Both money and the environment are saved!

Innovative Bathtub Reglazing from a Bathtub Reglazing Expert

Before visitors notice your outdated bathtub, you may want to shut the shower curtain. At that point, give us a call. We EK Philadelphia Tub Reglazing. We can restore your bathtub to its former splendor, saving you tons of money on replacement and the shame it would cause.

Our expert reglazing treatments provide more than simply a cosmetic makeover. Starting with the tub base surface, we remove the existing finishing to remove any stains, pockmarks, and holes permanently. We only use ingredients that are safe for the environment and you. Our service needs one day and is not disruptive.

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