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Demystifying Myths About Tub Refinishing

Demystifying Myths About Tub Refinishing
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Owning a bathtub does not come cheap, considering the repair and maintenance cost you have to shell out eventually. This is because over time, bathtub surfaces become scratched, chipped, stained, and worn-out with continued use. And when the surface becomes damaged, its crevices can harbor germs, molds, dirt, and soap scum.

Not only does this make the bathtub unsightly, but it can also pose health hazards to everyone in the household who uses it. To remedy this, you could either replace the tub entirely or opt to repair the damage and refinish the surface to make it look brand new.

Of the two options, tub refinishing is the more cost-effective and practical choice that requires less effort. Unfortunately, there are people who get discouraged to try refinishing their tubs due to some ill-informed myths about refinishing.

Consequently, they end up spending much more time, money, and effort for bathtub replacement when a simple refinishing job would have been enough to solve the problem.

Myth 1: It is More Expensive than Tub Replacement

On average, a tub refinishing job will cost you anywhere from $330 to $650 only. This includes $30 to $150 in materials and $200 to $500 in labor if you choose to hire professional refinishing technicians to do the job for you.

If you consider such a range as expensive, then you would be astounded to know that ripping off your old tub to replace it with a new one would cost you a lot more–with prices ranging from $750 to $20,000, depending on the model of the tub.

The costs involved in replacing a bathtub include buying a new tub, demolishing and removing the old tub, hiring a plumber to re-attach the pipes, installation fees, and cleaning costs. Sometimes to get an old tub out you have to destroy some of the walls around it, and the same can be said for getting a new tub to fit in.

Clearly, refinishing is the better choice as it produces the same excellent output at only a fraction of the cost of a full tub replacement. Not to mention, your resurfaced tub will last you for years and years to come!

Myth 2: The Materials Used in Refinishing Are Toxic

While it is true that some of the chemicals used in bathtub refinishing emit odors that can cause irritation if inhaled, this would not likely be a problem if the bathroom is adequately ventilated before proceeding with the application.

Trained professionals in the refinishing industry know this better than anyone, so securing proper ventilation in the work area is usually the first step they do upon coming into your home. Moreover, most of these chemical irritants are highly volatile, so opening the windows and/or exhaust fans can easily get rid of it.

Hence, you could put your mind at ease that harm will not befall anyone in the household as long as the said crucial step is performed.

As an added protection though, refinishing technicians are required to wear good-quality paint masks and gloves. No need for hazmat–after all, it is not that dangerous when the area is properly ventilated.

Myth 3: It Is Time-consuming

In general, the refinishing process only takes a couple of hours, especially if the refinishing technicians are already highly experienced. First, the areas around the bathtub will need to be masked before the technician begins the work so that the area will be kept clean throughout the process in case there are any spills or splashes from the refinishing job.

Then, the technician will install an efficient exhaust system in your bathroom to ensure that the fumes from refinishing products will not linger in your bathroom. Then, all that is left is to thoroughly clean and strip the bathtub of its previous coating, and spray the refinishing product of choice.

With such a simple process, the refinishing technicians would only need to stay over for two to four hours.

However, you must take note that the time it takes for refinished tub coats to cure greatly varies depending on the component of the products used.

Generally, it only takes 12 hours to fully cure a bathtub surface, but when using durable and high-quality coatings, the process may take anywhere from 48 up to 72 hours as the thick coating takes longer to set. So hold off the thought of  immediately using your bathtub for a day or two.

In comparison, tub replacement takes a significantly longer time. This could take anywhere from two to three days. That means you would not be able to use your tub for bathing for this long period, which is such a hassle!

Myth 4: Refinished Bathtub Surfaces Are Not Durable

Out of all the myths out there, this is perhaps the most ridiculous one: the coat of refinished bathtubs do not last long. Quite the opposite, reglazed surfaces last for 10 to 15 years when properly maintained and taken care of. The myth that the surface of refinished tubs easily starts chipping off, losing color, peeling, and becoming dull is completely false.

Nowadays, most professional refinishing technicians use high-quality products that can last you for decades and decades because they bond extremely tightly to the surface of your tub, especially when applied meticulously. The result is a refinished surface that is indiscernible from the original tub’s surface.

Refinish Your Tub Today!

Now that you know the said myths about bathtub refinishing, there should be nothing holding you back from refreshing your tub with a fresh new coat. If you are facing issues in your bathtub that are beyond your control and expertise, it is better to rely on the professionals who can handle the job flawlessly.

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