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How Long Does a Refinished Bathtub Last?

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If you own an old, dilapidated bathtub that is unsightly to bathe in, you may have thought of replacing or refinishing it at one point. While replacing it with a brand new tub is an appealing proposition, it may not always be the best move financially.

First of all, a tub replacement will cost you a considerable amount of time, money, and effort. Note that before a new tub is installed, repairing the trim, flooring, plumbing, or lighting might be necessary, not to mention, modern baths are not inexpensive to begin with. Most of all, you need a budget for labor and disposal costs. 

That said, if your bathtub is only suffering from cosmetic imperfections, tub refinishing would be the perfect solution to make it look like new. It is extremely cost-effective as it only costs a fraction of the costs for a full tub replacement.

Not to mention, it is so durable that when maintained and cared for properly, it may even last longer than a new tub.

The Lifespan of a Reglazed Tub

No matter how durable a refinished surface is, it would be untruthful to say that it will last forever. As with all things, a resurfaced bathtub is bound to encounter problems over time due to continued use.

On average though, the surface of a refinished bathtub can last for a minimum of 4 years, but when cared for properly, it can hold up for as long as 15 years. Of course, how long it lasts depends on several factors such as:

1. The quality of the products used. 

It goes without saying that the quality of the bonding agent, refinishing coat, and other products used in the reglazing process is directly proportional to how durable the resulting tub surface will be. Low-quality refinishers will be easier to peel off, so it is recommended to invest in high-quality ones to guarantee a longer-lasting finish.

2. The skills and expertise of the refinishing technicians who performed the job.

Another important factor that determines the lifespan of your resurfaced tub is the skills and workmanship of your chosen refinishing technician. While a tub refinishing job entails a fairly straightforward process, it takes several years of practice to properly carry out the right techniques to ensure an even and smooth coating that adheres tightly to the original surface.

Hiring a professional refinishing with a good track record and cultured expertise will ensure that no crucial steps would be overlooked. Thus, guaranteeing a long-lasting fix to your tub’s cosmetic imperfections.

3. The amount of care the homeowner puts into maintaining the refinished bathtub.

No matter how high quality the refinishing products used, or how skilled the refinishing technician is, if you do not care properly for the refinished bathtub, it is bound to get damaged in about 4 years or so. Remember, how long it will last mostly depends on how careful you are in using it.

For instance, if you are bathing big dogs with long claws in your tub, it would be no surprise to see scratches in it after quite some time. If you are constantly dropping pointed, sharp, or heavy objects in it, do not be astounded when you see chips or cracks in it.

In contrast, if you avoid doing things that would ultimately damage your tub, then it is only natural for it to stay in tip-top shape for a long period of time.

The following timeline details how long it will take for a refinished bathtub to break down when introduced to damaging elements.

Years 0-1: Perfectly Careful Treatment

During the first year of having your tub professionally refinished, you would definitely feel inclined to treat it with care upon the usage as it is still in a pristine off-white color. It looks good, smooth, and glossy.

After all, the newly reglazed surface is hard and unyielding. So during this period, you religiously clean the tub according to the prescribed instructions. You avoid using abrasive cleaning products and pads. It is hard work, but as long as you catch the dirt and soap scum early enough, it will be possible to clean them off.

Years 1-3: The Introduction of Abrasive Cleaners

Maybe you have gotten busy, so your cleaning schedule tends to slip up occasionally. Hence, dirt rings on the sides of the tub become apparent, and soap scum is starting to accumulate–making the surface appallingly slimy. At this point, the use of mild cleaning products is proving to be futile.

Hence, to cut down on the scrubbing, you begin to use abrasive cleaners on the tub to clean the stubborn dirt. At first, nothing bad happens so you assume that it is okay to continue using it. In fact, nothing happens for the coming months, which makes you wonder why you have refrained from using these bleach-based products in the first place when it makes cleaning so much easier.

Year 3: Minor Accident

You were not being as careful as you were before so something unexpected happened. Perhaps you dropped a shampoo bottle on the sloping backside of the tub. The distance is not more than 3 feet yet it still nicks the paint because of the impact.

The nick is just a quarter inch in diameter, yet it exposed the original pink surface of the tub. Additionally, the edges of the nick are ragged.

Year 3 to 4: The Small Nick Enlarges

As time passes by, continued exposure to water during daily use slowly enlarges the size of the once-tiny nick until it is about 3 inches wide. Unless you patch it up nicely, the nick will surely continue expanding. Hence, you decided to refinish the entire tub once again. 

Want a Long-Lasting Finish on Your Refinished Bathtub?

When done right, bathtub refinishing can revamp your old tub’s appearance and extend its lifespan for another 10 to 15 years. If you are looking for the best refinishing service in New Jersey, look no further, because EK Philadelphia Tub Reglazing And Refinishing provide the best professional refinishing services.

Our experienced refinishing technicians can instantly freshen up your bathtub’s dated appearance while guaranteeing its durability for the next decade to come.

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