Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub

Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub

Why not buy a new bathtub if it can be done for around the same price as having your current one refinished?

A brand-new bathtub can be purchased for under $500, but it cannot be replaced for the same amount. Why? Considering that the bathtub is typically the focal point of a home and that installing a new bathtub is by far not the most expensive aspect of remodeling a home.

The majority of the replacement cost is originally concealed. Which one of these costs is concealed, specifically?

The Price Of Hauling Away And Dumping A Bathtub

Can you physically take the tub outside, carry it inside, or reposition it? If at all, how will you get rid of the waste?

Even if you are successful in entirely removing the tub, you will almost surely damage some of the bathroom’s tile, and, likely, the new tub’s plumbing won’t even work with the existing fixtures.

Thus, you might also need to employ a tile installer and a plumber.

As a result, updating a $500 bathtub might easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So why is tub refinishing more advantageous?

How long should a restored bathtub last?

A newly built bathtub and one that has just undergone renovations have many similarities. Resurfaced surfaces have the potential to last 20 years with good maintenance, which is equivalent to the lifespan of a brand-new bathtub.

Do refinish bathtubs require any particular maintenance?

Yes. Remember that a well-finished surface looks, feels, and cleans like new, so only use gentle, nonabrasive cleaning products without bleach. Abrasive cleansers like bleach can harm or lessen the shine or luster, just like what can occur to any newly-surfaced object.

For best results, keep nonsilicone caulking in place around all refinished surfaces, particularly bathtubs. Moreover, stay away from using any form of the suction mat in a bathtub that has been refinished. If you use a non-suction mat, you must remove it after every use to avoid moisture accumulation between the mat and the tub.

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